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    Kubernetes Application Development

    Extend your Kubernetes skills to build and deploy applications on Kubernetes using CI/CD

    One-day hands-on training

    This course is for Kubernetes users who want to extend their skills to build and deploy applications on Kubernetes using CI/CD. The course will primarily teach you how to create a container-based CI/CD pipeline for an application. It also covers the writing of Helm charts and monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana.

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    Course facts

    • Duration: One day
    • Type: Mix of theory and hands-on exercises
    • Audience: Application developers, architects, DevOps practitioners
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    Course description

    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
      • Deployment strategies
      • Tools for deployment (Jenkins/ Octopus / CircleCI, etc…)
    • Application packaging with Helm
      • Install and upgrade applications with Helm
      • Helmfile/Helmsman
      • Charts as components using umbrella charts
    • Application monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
      • Metric types and application instrumentation
      • Prometheus scraping configured in Helm charts
      • Building dashboards (manually and as code), dashboards in Helm charts
    • Auto-scaling using standard and custom metrics
      • POD limits and requests
      • Load monitoring using Prometheus
      • Load testing with e.g. Apache Bench

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