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    Information Security

    Eficode UK takes a comprehensive approach to Information Security and recognises the very real and ever changing cyber risks that businesses do and will continue to face. We have one goal, to keep you and our employees safe and secure. Eficode UK aligns all its activities in this area with industry best practice and guidelines and is proud to hold certification of compliance to ISO 27001.


    Information Security Policy

    Our Information Security Management System includes a comprehensive number of policies and procedures that document our activities and protocols. Here you can view our Information Security Policy.


    Third Party Risk Management

    Eficode UK has rigid procedures in place for managing third party risk. Before engaging in business relationships with suppliers or other third parties a formal risk assessment is conducted to ensure the party strictly protects sensitive information, tightly controls access, and follows applicable laws.

    Incident Management

    In order to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the data we process, any and all incidents are swiftly and thoroughly investigated, and the findings are used to eliminate the risk of a re-occurrence. Keeping you informed in the event of an incident forms an integral part of our incident handling procedure.

    Resilience and Business Continuity

    Our goal is always to provide a seamless, interruption free service to our customers. In the event that things do go wrong, we want to be sure that we can return to business as usual as quickly as possible. Eficode UK's business continuity program includes planning and testing on a regular basis.

    Employee Education

    People are what make any management system succeed or fail. That is why Eficode UK invests in training all visionaries in Information Security not just when they join but continually throughout their time with us. Training is interactive and knowledge is tested.