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    Atlassian support services

    Needs always arise - help is always at hand


    We support everything in your Atlassian environment...

    Focus on your core business and let our Atlassian expert technicians handle your Atlassian environment, with everything from updates, incidents, implementations and processes, to supporting third party apps.

    ... especially in the cloud!

    If you have migrated to Atlassian Cloud, a lot looks different but the need for support usually remains. Whether you need help configuring the schedule or integrating with other systems, our technicians are at your disposal.


    Aki Roivanen

    Email Aki

    +358 44 7324 287

    Want a full-stack subscription solution?

    Get total, hassle-free support for all your Atlassian tools. We administer and manage the tools, coach, mentor, train and offer you the technical consultancy to enjoy Atlassian fully and without downside.

    Discover Atlassian Total Support

    Get peace of mind and more time for other things


    Any Atlassian product

    Get dedicated support on any Atlassian product you have today - or in the future. Get help where you need it.


    Anytime you need us

    We can guarantee access to our experts when you need them the most. If you have an incident, our support will respond within the hour.


    Unique experience

    We have supported over 500 satisfied organizations from different industries for more than 16 years. We understand different types of businesses and deliver help in a proactive way.


    Support tailored to you

    If you have specific regulations or other critical requirements that you need to follow. We configure your Atlassian environment based on these.

    Trusted and rewarded by Atlassian and clients alike

    A 9-time Atlassian Partner of the Year winner in various categories, Eficode remains a trusted and preferred advisor. We lead the way in Agile and DevOps with an obsession about knowledge-sharing, focused talent acquisition, and expanding our and our clients' horizons. We stand out in many ways. 


    An adaptable support solution

    Atlassian support

    Your Atlassian environment is uniquely yours, and whatever question or set-up you need help with to ensure it continues for you, our experts have the experience and knowledge to help you fast.

    Enjoy Eficode Atlassian Support and get:

    • Support for all Atlassian products, deployed either in Atlassian Cloud or Data Center.
    • Support for all Atlassian Marketplace applications.
    • SLAs for support case response time.
    • Practical configuration and administration support.
    • On-demand health checks.
    • Guidance on implementation and configuration.
    • On-demand assistance during installation and updates.

    Anything else you need support with? Don't worry - we can no doubt solve that too.


    Technical account manager

    As an optional add-on service, with Eficode's Technical Account Management, you get a dedicated resource to help you meet your long-term targets and to guide you at the business level, allowing you to focus on your core business.

    Enjoy technical account management and get:

    • Both strategic and technical support.
    • Help from idea and proof of concept, to putting into production, minimizing the time from requirements to testable solutions.
    • Future-proof work methods. Whether they are DevOps or ITSM, we help you to implement them.

    Let us find out your support needs