DEVOPS 2018 takes place on 13-14 December. Day 2 of the conference is looking good and jam-packed with razor sharp ideas!

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13-14 December will take DevOps further as industry leaders descend upon Clarion Hotel in Helsinki for DEVOPS 2018.

We’ve already covered the schedule for Day 1 of the industry event. With less than two weeks to go, it’s now time to delve into Day 2, which will see attendees come together under the umbrella theme “A Deep Dive into Devops”. For the full conference schedule and speaker intel, look no further than the DEVOPS 2018 web pages.

From actual light bulbs to light bulb moments

DevOps has been a lightbulb moment for the industry; rapid digitalisation even pertains to the light switches in our homes and offices. Day 2 of DEVOPS 2018 kicks off with E.ON’s Chief Architect Global Platform taking the stage to talk about “Decentral energy distribution in a digital world”. Alexander Alten-Lorenz will give an overview of what lies ahead for the world of decentralized energy distribution, which sees energy being produced closer to where it will be used.

Puppet will then take you behind the data of their 2018 State of DevOps report. Get up to speed on the 2018 State of DevOps report  and receive more insight from Puppet at DEVOPS 2018! (Puppet will also be running a hands-on workshop about Puppet Bolt on the first day of the conference.)

Next, take a peek at machine learning's role in video streaming services with Elisa’s Service architect Jere Nieminen, who'll recount how the company used machine learning in finding anomalies from millions of video streaming events: “Anomaly detection using ML”. The Finnish telecoms company recently wrote about their strategic approach to Devops on our blog.

What’s your poison: Containerization, DevSecOps, or Serverless Computing?

Day 2’s afternoon tracks will blaze through three trails clearly forming in DevOps. Is containerization making dependencies history? Should the clipped compound of DevOps expand to include Security too? Learn more about navigating the Serverless realm where cloud provider acts as server.

Track 1: Containerization

Is GO the language that will help scale SysOps? Using Go in DevOps – Natalie Pistunovich, Engineering Manager – Fraugster

Going with a Mono-repo approach brings a few significant advantages compared to Multi-repo. But does this really fit in a Microservices environment, where we want services to be independent? The Mono-repo – a contradiction with Microservices? – Johannes Brüderl, Lead Software Engineer, E.ON SE

Track 2: DevSecOps

Learn how to implement security on the subscription level, develop your applications securely, securely deploy, periodically scan production for compliance and security and get single security dashboard. This is a hands-on session! Secure your Azure and DevOps in a smart way – Victoria Almazova, Cloud Security Architect, Microsoft

It only took three days for Hackers to identify and exploit a known vulnerability in Equifax’s web applications. Three days is is the new norm for DevSecOps teams moving new business/security requirement from design into production. Securing Modern Applications: The Data Behind DevSecOps, Ilkka Turunen, Global Director, Pre-sales Engineering - Sonatype

Track 3: Serverless Computing

Many have started to use serverless, but they don’t consider risks involved in improper serverless approach. Serverless is not secure by default! Why Serverless is scary without DevSecOps and Observability – Mahdi Azarboon, Senior Analyst, Liquid Studio Accenture

Cloud Foundry is an open source project available through a variety of private cloud distributions and public cloud instances. But how do you make the most of it? How to build the Cloud Native applications the way you want – not the way they want – Steven Mustafa, Cloud Solutions Architect, SUSE

Knowledge graphs are an alternative to machine learning. Learn how ontologies are used by e-commerce giant Zalando. And how do you get organisational buy-in? Building a Knowledge Graph at Zalando – Katariina Kari, Ontologist, Research Engineer, Zalando

Find the full schedule for Day 2 on the DEVOPS 2018 site.

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