In this release, our focus has been on polishing the existing implementations of various different components as well as making the adoption and usage of Insights better. We have also added some new features, such as the new Portfolio dashboard, and we intend to add more functionalities in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates!


  • Added multi-repository support for all applicable collectors and panels
  • Fine tuned and published Jenkins Rest-API plugin
  • Added a scheduled 'full fetch' of pull requests (Bitbucket, Github)
  • Added a new Portfolio dashboard that allows the monitoring of multiple projects side by side
    • Currently includes the progress & tool usage panels, more to be added in the near future
  • Verified the successful usage of Insights database as data source for PowerBI and Tableau
  • Added the amount of currently open pull requests in the development view
  • Added support for pull requests for Github and Bitbucket
  • Added more extensive health reporting to collector status endpoints

Bug fixes

  • Collectors now  properly obey ports defined in configuration
  • Jira data is now saved with the proper time zone timestamp
  • Git data is now saved with the proper time zone timestamp
  • Fixed a bug that caused git commit relations to not be visualized properly
  • Project creation API endpoints now return a proper error code when a project already exists
  • Fixed a visual bug in the management dashboard requiring user to resize the work in progress panel to make it scroll properly
  • Ticket version information from Jira is now properly stored in the insights database
  • Test run status bar was not shown under certain circumstances, this has now been fixed
  • Fixed Jira collector not adding a user into the DB if it’s missing during the initial data import
  • Fixed an issue that would crash the hotspot collector
  • Fixed a bug in the collectors that would leave database connections hanging
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the development data in management dashboard to sometimes not appear
  • Jira collector initial import now correctly handles projects that have no issues
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an empty pipeline dropdown to cause an error
  • When changing the repository in the quality view, the bars of the pass fail ratio meter no longer disappear
  • Fixed work completed by increment panel
  • Fixed parsing the job name from Jenkins notifications


  • Made Jira collector more robust in terms of incoming date formats
  • Improved multiple collectors’ initial data fetch
  • Added a size limit for the git panel commit message display
  • Improved user handling in Jira collector
  • Improved version data handling in Jira collector
  • Improved tracking of epic links
  • If Jira does not give out sprint information,  creating tickets that are in sprints no longer fails
  • Jira collector now tracks sprint history
  • Improved the landing page for a project, allowing easier navigation between different dashboards
  • Added a concept of insights key which allows for more robust linking of pre-existing project resources
  • Collector logging has been improved
  • Enhanced the project timeline view, quality summary and members  panels
  • Jira collector now gracefully handles missing or invalid Jira license
  • The Git branch panel now displays CI stages on commit hover instead of having to hover the “CI Stages” within the commit
  • Added the currently active repository name to the  hotspot analysis panel
  • Added better error reporting in the UI panels
  • Job name added in the management CI panel
  • Changed the "Ongoing" panel title to "Work In Progress" in the management dashboard
  • WIP trend metric added
  • Added Tickets closed vs Tickets created per day metric
  • Add resolution date to Jira related objects
  • Added a link from CI/CD job related dashboard views to more detailed job analytics (Jenkins)
  • Added the capability to hard delete projects in collectors
  • Added unified admin/repository endpoints for creating and updating repositories in collectors

Read the October release note of Eficode ROOT.

Published: 29. September, 2020

Updated: 29. September, 2020

Eficode ROOT