Here are the hottest software development themes for the second half of 2019! Read the blog or watch Marko Klemetti, Eficode's CTO, walk you through everything you need to know in the video.

1. Continuous deployment (zero-day delivery)

For even the biggest organizations, continuous deployment is one of the biggest themes. Enabling ‘zero-day delivery’ will change your culture with:

  • Automated infrastructure
  • Test automation
  • A working pipeline

2. DevOps and Design Systems are coming together

Design systems can really easily contain DevOps practices and tools. Unit testing the components that are in the design system, test automation templates, or testing the designs you’ve created are examples of how automation can be integrated into your design process. You can also automate the whole infrastructure when you go to production.

3. Metrics

Many companies are in the beginning of their journeys to collect metrics of their development and production environments.

How do you collect real-time data of your development practices?

What’s happening when you make releases to production.

Are you gaining more retention or more revenue, or less? Why? Can you see it immediately or do you have to wait for end of month reports?

Metrics as part of DevOps pipelines and practices are the core and they will be most important in the next two years.

4. Self services

You’ve tried Cloud. Some of your services are running in cloud. But are your teams able to deliver to the cloud by themselves? Have you enabled self service with rigid-enough security practices in place?

Do you know what has happened if your team has delivered something to production? Can you roll back? It’s still something that you really need to aim for, to be able to get your team working at a full pace and getting your organization to follow better DevOps practices.

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