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    DevOps Sauna

    Welcome to Eficode's podcast about all things DevOps


    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: Technical Agile Coaching using Samman Method with Emily Bache & Sofus Albertsen

    A discussion between, Emily Bache, a technical agile coach and author of the "Technical Agile Coaching using Samman" book and Sofus Albertsen, DevOps consultant and Eficode Academy headmaster.

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    Duration: 41 min

    Blog it out loud

    Blog: Agile Vs DevOps - The Grand Debate by Kalle Mäkelä

    People are often comparing Agile and DevOps to their rivals. Is one somehow “greater”, more important, more fundamental than the other for creating the software more effortlessly?

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    Duration: 11 min

    Sauna Sessions

    Debate: Scaling Agile with Kalle Mäkelä, Szilard Szell, and Henrik Høegh

    A discussion about concepts like Agile, Continuous everything, DevOps, value stream mapping, or theory of constraint

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    Duration: 48 min

    DevOps 2020 talks

    Talk: Agile, DevOps and Compliance by Guy Herbert, Atlassian

    Hear Guy Herbert, Risk Futurist at Atlassian, discuss how to use technology and process to simultaneously improve organisations' development speed and hit compliance objectives.

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    Duration: 36 min