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    DevOps Sauna

    Welcome to Eficode's podcast about all things DevOps


    The DEVOPS Conference 2021

    Talk: A 360° DEVOPS enterprise evolution: Danske Bank's true story

    Enjoy a replay of The DEVOPS Conference session with Spyridon Maniotis presenting Danske Bank’s new DevSecOps 360 degrees operating model.

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    Duration: 31 min

    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: An experiment in Continuous Deployment of JVM applications with Nicolas Frankel, Hazelcast

    Can we achieve a true continuous deployment of bytecode on a single Java virtual machine instance? Join our discussion about an experiment of JVM applications.

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    Duration: 32 min

    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: The art of fixing a build with Zan Markan, CircleCI

    We talk about CI/CD in both big and small organizations, how the builds work, and deep centrics for fixing builds efficiently with Zan Markan, CircleCI.

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    Duration: 55 min

    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: Five Lines Of Code with Christian Clausen

    How do you make refactoring more accessible? Christian Clausen has literally written the book on it - with both practical examples and a sense of perspective.

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    Duration: 41 min