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    GitLab migration services

    Move to GitLab with confidence

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    Your customers won't wait — don't let your migration cause interruptions

    Migrating DevOps systems is usually complicated and comes with risks such as data loss and downtime. We've done this before so why not let us do the hard work for you. We know how important business continuity is during a platform migration, so rest assured we’ll get you up to speed quickly and safely.

    Fully customized, fully managed

    We will design a migration package to move all your users and version-controlled source code data to GitLab. Everything will stay readily available, so your business can go on as usual.

    Migration Effort & Cost Estimate Calculator

    GitLab is the only single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle. Migrating to GitLab brings many advantages for organisations seeking to enhance their software development and delivery processes, including built-in security, transparency by default, open-source collaboration, and a substantial return on investment potential - The latest Forrester Consulting Study showed that the total economic impact of GitLab's ultimate plan enabled 427% ROI.

    Simply enter in the relevant values into the fields below, and our calculator will return a Low and High estimate for both effort and cost for your migration.

    Number of projects in your repository:

    Your cost and effort estimates:

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    Please remember that these are just estimates, and as such are likely to change post-discovery.

    Ready to start your migration journey?

    We've got you covered

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    Move to GitLab from any platform

    Whether it's GitHub, Bitbucket or legacy systems, move all your users and repositories from another instance or any other platform.

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    Your data couldn't be more secure

    As a GitLab certified Professional Services Partner, you can be confident your data is always secure.

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    Enjoy peace of mind at every step

    With decades in the software tooling industry, we are experienced in complex migrations from leading platforms, so you can rest assured you're in safe hands.

    Hit the ground running with every aspect of your migration taken care of

    • Importing existing repositories and data from your current version control system
    • Migrating users and permissions to GitLab
    • Integrating with existing tooling and infrastructure, such as CI/CD pipelines and issue trackers
    • Configuring GitLab to meet your organization's specific needs and workflows
    • Training your teams how to use GitLab effectively
    • Ensuring a smooth cutover to GitLab to minimize disruption to your team's workflow

    We are always open to discuss migrations and business improvements

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