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    DevOps services

    Containers and infrastructure automation

    A Cloud native confidence boost means a whale of a time.

    Orchestration combines many automated processes into a complex harmony. Eficode is an expert in containers, Kubernetes, and building up your Cloud native confidence.

    You can trust us in this area because of our decade-strong foundation in automating infrastructure. At Eficode, we take an infrastructure as code approach, using Terraform, for example. This lets you determine what kind of Cloud works best for you out of all the options available.

    We regularly overcome orchestration hurdles for our clients.

    Containers and infrastructure automation services


    When are containerization and infrastructure automation needed?

    Moving your products and services onto containers or microservices can feel daunting.

    Eficode can help you continue independently into the future with confidence.

    For example, you may have all the knowledge you need in-house, but a training session would help you sleep better at night.


    How does it benefit you?

    Overcome vendor lock

    If you’ve chosen an environment and you want to switch, we can help you. Overcome vendor lock whether that’s with a technology or even a consultancy.

    Become more Agile

    When you have your materials in the Cloud, you can grab an on-demand environment on the fly.

    Cost savings

    Pay for what you use. Upkeep included in the price for more predictable budgeting. Slim down your hardware.


    Automate many processes and synch them into a cluster. Avoid single point of failure. Increase availability with components that are housed on different environments.


    Less beginner mistakes and more confidence that you’re not missing out on any opportunities.

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    Why Eficode?

    Containerization, Kubernetes, and Docker have been a core part of our services since they first hit the scene. The same goes for Cloud services.

    We’ve come up with custom solutions with different technologies for different customers. We’ve contributed code to Kubernetes. We've spoken at industry conferences and we’re shaping the community at meetups.

    As for automation, it is the lifeblood of our DevOps expertise. Automation forms the foundation for our orchestration capabilities. We also have the skills needed to build open source and open stack, and build a private cloud in your own facilities.

    UX training

    How do we do it?

    We can help you move your environments, or your data centers and hardware, onto the Cloud.

    Alongside our consultancy services, we can also provide training.  

    Containers and microservices

    If you ask an expert what a container is, they’ll tell you it’s a shared kernel space and an isolated use space. That’s it, nothing else.

    Splitting a legacy monolith into microservices can be realized through containerization, which can make coding easier, faster, and potentially more secure.


    Hybrid solutions are always an option here, with part hosted on a private cloud, part on the public cloud.

    Your certified Cloud partner 

    Eficode has worked with all the major cloud providers and can craft a custom solution for you. 

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