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    UX research

    Better user experience and accessibility

    We make sure that user-centred design is backed by research

    We are an experienced and trusted partner for user experience research, usability testing and accessibility evaluations. Successful services increasingly share a common quality: a pleasant user experience. Good usability, in turn, is a prerequisite for fluent, efficient and error-free use of products and systems.

    We evaluate and test usability, accessibility, user experience, user needs and wishes and customer experience. We conduct over 100 research projects yearly and meet over 500 users in person. Usability research identifies actual problems in products and services and ensures that decisions in product design, service design and product development are based on facts instead of guesswork. With over 15 years of experience, we offer efficient methodology for qualitative research for identifying the users’ challenges, wishes and needs and for guiding the development of services.


    Raino Vastamäki

    UX Research Director

    raino.vastamakiconsultancy@eficode.com +358 (0) 50 309 6169 Message me

    Other UX Services

    We also offer numerous other usability, user experience and accessibility study & research methods than those listed above for improving your products and services, for various design and service design needs. Many of the methods work by themselves but are also efficient when combined to gain deeper and broader insight of usability and users.

    Eficode research facilities i.e. UX Studio

    The usability laboratories and customer research facilities of Eficode's UX Studio offer a perfect setting for high-quality research and service design for varying situations and needs.

    We have the right facilities for usability tests, individual interviews and focus group interviews. We have paid special attention to enabling our clients to observe our studies both on site and remotely. We can also conduct the testing at our client’s premises.

    Eficode's Research Facilities

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