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    UX research and accessibility

    Ensure the best user experience and accessibility

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    Get insights that keep you aware of your customer needs and ahead of your competitors

    Successful services increasingly share a common quality: a pleasant user experience. And good usability is a prerequisite for fluent, efficient, error-free use of products and systems.

    Ensure accessibility of your services and make better decisions

    Back up your decisions with research. As Finland’s leading UX research provider, we test all kinds of digital services, software, devices, and systems. We have extensive experience of consumer services and professional  devices, tools, and products. 

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    UX research and accessibility


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    Working with Eficode has helped us stay focused on user-centricity and kept our processes clear. We have managed to ensure the high usability of our products this way

    Kim Bergman
    UX Design Manager at KONE

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    From one-off studies to ‘research as a service’

    We are happy to provide expertise for your longer-term research needs or help with an individual project. When our UX researcher works with your team, you gain instant access to the whole research team’s expertise.

    Understand your users with usability tests

    In a usability test, users of your service or product complete tasks based on the key use cases. 

    • Discover usability issues and problems before they affect your users by testing prototypes and test versions before launch
    • Continuously improve your services with regular usability tests 
    • Boost e-commerce sales by solving usability problems and understanding user behavior

    Improve service usability with expert evaluation

    Our experienced specialists evaluate the product or service by utilizing heuristic evaluation tools and their extensive experience. Expert evaluation is especially well suited for iterative development where quick and agile feedback is needed at several stages of service development. 

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    Provide accessibility for users with disabilities 

    How accessible is your service? The European digital accessibility act obliges several players in different industries to provide accessible online services and mobile applications. Our accessibility experts have extensive experience in evaluating the accessibility of services. Make your service accessible to all, including people with impairments such as vision loss, hearing loss, and age-related limitations. 

    Accessibility evaluations are based on WCAG 2.1 guidelines. We can also test services with actual users by complementing an accessibility evaluation with users from special user groups. We create a clear report with the findings and concrete suggestions for improvement.

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    Meet the needs and expectations of all customers

    User and customer research increase customer understanding. User research is especially important in the early stages of service development where you’re trying to find out what your users are like, and what kinds of products or services they need.   

    • Gain valuable information about the actions, goals, needs, and use cases of your users
    • Validate ideas and concepts
    • Find focus and priority in your projects and make sure your requirements really create user value 
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    A research partner you can trust 

    Eficode has it's own research labs and is a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).

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    Over 15 years of experience

    Our UX research unit has existed for over a decade. We conduct more than 100 research projects yearly and meet over 500 users in person.

    Accessibility is our strength

    We have experience in running accessibility studies and courses across industries. In addition to sensory impairments, we also take into account senior citizens and cognitive accessibility.

    UX research for global audiences

    We’ve conducted over 100 international user studies with end users all over the world. Eficode is a reliable and experienced partner with an extensive network of partners around the globe.

    Let's talk about how to make your service more usable and accessible