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    Focus Group Interviews

    By using focus groups, or group interviews, we can grow our understanding of clients, as well as receive feedback for products, services, brands, and pricing. Focus groups work well for concept validation, ideation, innovation, service design, and co-design.

    Focus group research is a qualitative research method, where the true users of a service give feedback of the service or service concept, and discuss its strengths and weaknesses on a theme basis. They also give ideas for how to further develop the service. Focus groups can compare alternative concepts or do benchmarking. With this, we can identify use cases and map the needs, attitudes, opinions, and experiences of the users. In focus groups, clients can participate in service design, and designers get immediate feedback and authentic reactions from members of the appropriate target audience.

    One focus groups typically has 4-10 clients or users. Typically, 1-3 groups are interviewed in one study, which means that we can collect and report the qualitative feedback of up to 30 clients quite rapidly of any given product or service.

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