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    User Research & Customer Research

    Qualitative user research and customer research increase customer understanding. With user research, you gain  valuable information about the actions, goals, needs and use cases of actual users. User interviews are conducted especially at the early stages of product development, with the goal of finding out what the users are like and what kinds of products or services they need. Based on the interviews, we we segment your customers to determine different groups with different needs and behaviours, create personas and an improved understanding of the various user groups. We conduct both group and individual interviews for varying needs.

    In focus groups, i.e. group discussions, we can deepen the customer understanding or collect feedback on products. In focus group studies, a service’s actual users give feedback on the service or service concept, discuss its strengths and weaknesses and provide ideas for further development. In focus groups, you can also compare alternative concepts or make comparisons against similar websites.

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    UX Research Director

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