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    First-class facilities for UX-research and service design

    Users, clients and developers come together in our new UX Studio

    The usability laboratories and customer research facilities of UX Studio offer a perfect setting for high-quality research and service design for varying situations and needs.

    We have the right facilities for usability tests, individual interviews and focus group interviews. We have paid special attention to enabling our clients to observe our studies both on site and remotely. We can also conduct the testing at our client’s premises.

    Research facilities for usability testing and focus group interviews

    Our research facilities have been designed to match varying needs. In addition to digital services, we can also test e.g. physical devices and paper forms. Our facilities offer the latest AV technology and and the equipment needed for conducting, recording and observing usability tests.

    The four parallel usability laboratories suit both usability tests and individual interviews. The rooms are soundproof, and some can be darkened for exact adjustment of luminosity and hue.

    We have a dedicated room for focus group interviews, with an adjacent room for observation. You can observe the study through a one-way mirror. This allows you to both see and hear the interviewee’s reactions to the product or service being studied. Our facilitates also suit co-design sessions and service design workshops.

    Our portable research equipment allow us to conduct studies outside UX Studio when needed, e.g. at the client’s office or in the user’s home.

    Observing studies at UX Studio and online

    Observing usability studies live provides in-depth understanding of the users’ actions and needs, and providing the best observation possibilities for our clients is important to us. You are welcome to observe both individual studies and focus group interviews at UX Studio. In the observation room, you can see the user’s computer screen and hear what they’re saying. In tests of physical devices and user interviews, we use cameras and recorders that allow us to film the things that matter most for observation.

    When time is limited or you’re far away from us, you can also observe usability tests conveniently from your own post. If you so wish, we can also always provide you with recordings of the test sessions.

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    Raino Vastamäki

    UX Research Director

    raino.vastamakiconsultancy@eficode.com +358 (0) 50 309 6169