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Cloud services

Upgrade your ride to the cloud

A certified, experienced and a global cloud operator

We offer trusted knowledge in cloud automation with lovable support. With years of experience in automation, deployment and production pipelines, we can confidently offer the most trusted cloud consultation.

After all, understanding cloud is about understanding your business needs, your production environment and the software that you are creating.


What if your website or application faces massive traffic tomorrow? What if there is a sudden unforeseen need for a better server performance, capacity or both? Today, downtime for a server maintenance can be the difference between a hit or a flop. It is time to shift from unscalable, lo-fi solutions (such as contacting your IT manager every time server capacity hits maximum) to something more scalable and modern.

Futureproof your digital ecosystem by shifting into cloud services makes sense, and as we are experts of production environments and efficiency optimization for software deploying, it is easier than ever before. With Shift, we will assess the current status of your organization, plan and execute the best possible route for utilizing the unlimited power of the cloud and make your business profitable.

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Deployment is the single most critical part of software development process. If your deployment pipeline is not in order it really doesn’t matter how great your code actually is. 

With Automate, your cloud service scales automatically with traffic and is protected from malicious attacks with latest security patches. Automatic deployment pipeline ensures that deploying software is no longer a hassle, but a pleasure with clear top and bottom line benefits.

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Cloud Partner

Our multi-disciplinary teams, from automation experts to seasoned system architects, have been creating cloud solutions for years. By assessing your current status we are able to craft a solution for your business and development environment needs. We also make sure that it will be maintained and developed from here on out to the not-so-distant future.

Cloud Partnering with us means that you can concentrate on your core business while we handle all things cloud.

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Competence Upgrade / Transfer

As a trusted partner, we want to convey our learnings to your organization. With Transfer, we train your staff to understand cloud better.

To make them see the development and business opportunities and to envision a world where cloud enabled systems are as familiar for them as the air surrounding us. By sharing our cumulative and combined knowledge, we both learn and earn.

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