Eficode Root: The DevOps Platform.

Deliver. Track. Drive.

Business growth depends on a company’s ability to innovate with changing customer needs and market realities. It requires fast and reliable software development and delivery with right time-to-market capability. Eficode Root Devops platform is a complete, state-of-the-art software production line with functions ranging from requirement management to automated deployments. Built-in data driven tracking dashboards provide end-to-end visibility to all production phases. With Root, you can drive both development and operations to the right direction based on real-time and historical project level performance data.

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Take Control of Your Valuable Assets

Stored and discoverable.

In a complex, multi-vendor project environment key assets are often distributed across multiple parallel systems. Key property may end up missing in action while projects shift from concept creation to production to maintenance. With Eficode Root, you can be sure the key assets (e.g. requirements, documentation, source code, installable packages, automated test cases) are always in a safe place and stay discoverable across the SW production lifecycle.


A Battle Tested Devops Toolchain

Tailored to your needs.

We believe that no one knows the tools better than practitioners. Our reference platform tools are battle hardened in 100’s of Eficode projects during the past 10 years. We selected the best tools from open-source and commercial world and integrated them to a seamless platform. The pre-integrated reference platform architecture provides a starting point for a customer specific platform design. Along the process, each platform is tailored and configured to meet individual customer needs.


Hosting, Support and Maintenance Services

One stop shop.

You can skip the ad hoc part for building point-to-point integrations with bailing wire and duct tape. All the integrations, licensing, updates, hosting, support, maintenance – simply are not your problems. It’s a straight forward pay-as-you-go model with scalability from tens to thousands of users.


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