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    DevOps Sauna

    Tervetuloa Eficoden podcastiin oppimaan DevOpsista

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    Episode 6: Rouke on Financial Services DevOps

    Check out our latest podcast which compares DevOps in financial services to DevOps in retail, through the lens of one of our Senior DevOps Consultants in Amsterdam, Rouke de Jong.





    Episode 5: 2019 State of DevOps Reports with Johan Abildskov

    Get up to speed on the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report and this year’s Puppet State of DevOps Report in an episode featuring Johan Abildskov, a Continuous Delivery and DevOps consultant and teacher who’s spoken at multiple DevOpsDays around Europe. The discussion covers cloud, change approval processes, security, and then some.

    Episode 4: Metrics with Tuomas Leppilampi

    DevOps Lead Tuomas Leppilampi tells us about starter metrics, feedback loops and self-service metric tools. Have you assumed linearity? Here’s a listen for those who might have!





    Episode 3: Containers and orchestration with Severi Haverila

    This rock-solid intro to containerization and orchestration and why neither are going anywhere any day soon serves you practical tips and food for thought. Thanks for joining the pod, Severi. Severi’s one of Eficode’s Senior Consultants currently based at a telecom service provider.





    Episode 2: Black Ops, tools, and the pipeline with Mika Aho

    Mika Aho is Eficode ROOT's Head of R&D and the man has an opinion or two about software tools. Even though he's skeptical about tools being handled in-house, Heidi discovers that it is possible to get some top tips out of him for building a centralized pipeline that actually works and that the chances are slim that they are third cousins. 





    Episode 1: Embedded device test automation with Alice 

    Setting up test automation for embedded devices has its unique challenges. This little podcast kicks off the first ever season of DevOps Sauna. Listen to the latest insights from "Alice" and chill.