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    Breakfast event

    DevOps & AI trends to watch in 2024

    • March 6
    • Stockholm
    • 08.30-10.30 CET


    Join us for an insightful breakfast seminar at Downtown Camper by Scandic in Stockholm, where we will explore the evolving landscape of AI in software development. This seminar is designed for IT professionals keen to understand and adapt to the latest trends in DevOps and AI.

    What to Expect:

    • Added context: One of the authors of our newly released guide "DevOps & AI Trends in 2024" will provide a detailed look into the four key trends and and answer questions from the audience.
    • New perspectives: Bring back learnings to the office on how these trends can impact and enhance your DevOps strategies internally.

    Key Topics:

    1. GenAI and DevOps: Explore the pivotal the role of DevOps in the era of Generative AI.
    2. Tooling consolidation: Uncover strategies for adapting to expansive platform ecosystems.
    3. Compliance and security: Navigate the new challenges posed by an AI-integrated environment.
    4. Platform engineering: Discovery the growing importance of platform engineering within DevOps.

    Seats are limited so we encourage you to register today to reserve a spot. We look forward to guiding you through these exciting trends! 

    See the agenda below>>


    Mar 2024

    8.30 AM



    Downtown Camper by Scandic

    Brunkebergstorg 9


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    In-person event


    Speaker: Marc Dillon, Eficode

    Interview with a client in the tech industry who is at the forefront of the latest DevOps and AI best practices.


    Marc Dillon

    Lead Consultant at Eficode

    Marc is passionate about building people and building products. He believes that a strong culture of psychological safety and experimentation breeds innovation and fuels development activities. A grey-bearded digital native, Marc blends philosophy, engineering, and experience in inspirational discussions about how we got here and where we need to go. Marc started in data entry and moved up to leading teams with a focus on product creation systems in embedded and real-time systems such as AI recycling robots and autonomous driving vehicles.