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    Understanding Value Streams


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    • Denmark
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    Join Eficode and GitLab for lunch in Denmark while we delve into the world of Value Stream Assessment. Discover the key strategies and best practices to optimize your development process, streamline workflows, and maximize the value delivered to your customers. Learn how to identify, analyze, and improve your value streams to enhance efficiency and drive continuous improvement. 

    Why should you attend?

    • You’ll gain a deep understanding of Value Stream Assessment methodologies.
    • There will be a hands-on workshop, where we’ll be creating a VSA live during the session.
    • You’ll be able to connect with DevOps professionals and other industry experts.
    • You’ll be able to network with like-minded individuals over a delicious lunch.

    We look forward to meeting you!

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    Apr 2024

    12.00 PM



    Scandic Kødbyen

    Skelbækgade 3A
    Copenhagen V

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    In-person Lunch & Learn workshop


    A hands-on workshop where we’ll work on a live Value Stream Assessment with input from everyone in the room.


    marc dillon

    Marc Dillon

    Lead Consultant, Eficode

    Marc is passionate about building people and building products. He believes that a strong culture of psychological safety and experimentation breeds innovation and fuels development activities. A grey-bearded digital native, Marc blends philosophy, engineering, and experience in inspirational discussions about how we got here and where we need to go. Marc started in data entry and moved up to leading teams with a focus on product creation systems in embedded and real-time systems such as AI recycling robots and autonomous driving vehicles.


    Michał Kułakowski

    Channel Manager, GitLab

    Michał Kułakowski is a technology and business consultant with 20+ years experience in software development, operations and security. Since 2011 he is helping companies in finance, manufacturing and telco adopt DevOps since 2011. Michał has also founded a startup solving the challenge of measuring enterprise business sustainability where he has led development team and focused on operations and continuous delivery of a cloud native application. Privately Michał is a father of three and a passionate overlander.
    Profile_Michael Willumsen_eficode

    Michael Willumsen

    Business Manager, Eficode

    Michael Willumsen helps organizations optimize and grow their business, by introducing Devops and utilizing their existing data and infrastructure, converting Devops and data into business. Thus ensuring a higher value-4-money ratio.