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Agile Coaching, SAFe and Trainings

Coaching and Training of Agile methods

If your organization is still on the path towards an agile transformation our experienced agile coaches/Scrum Master can help to develop your organization to a working agile  culture. Agile methods are easy to start using in some extent but a complete agile transformation requires that a whole organization shifts into an agile mindset. We master Scrum, Kanban and SAFe with modern DevOps and will tailor the trainings needed for your organization to coach you through the transformation.

"Eficode offers Agile Transformation at team- and organisationlevels, including required training."

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

From the first days of Scrum, there has been the question of how to scale it up? Now we have the answer: Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

SAFe is intended for large development organisations with over 50 developers without upper limit. SAFe is widely used throughout Europe, including Finland. It is mainly used in product and software development by banks, network operators, insurance companies, industry and public sector organisations.

Normally the tipping point for SAFe Transformation is during some crisis or foreseeing leadership. For your SAFe transformation, Eficode has one certified SAFe Program Consultant and over thirty certified SAFe Agilists.

Eficode can help your organisation during SAFe and Devops transition and can train your personnel with official SAFe courses, starting from the two day Leading SAFe course, which provides Certified SAFe Agilists.

Professional Agile
Project Management

We believe in professional Scrum Masters that have time to focus on assisting both the team and the customer to reach their goals. Our Scrum Masters are not there solely to take care of daily “bureaucracy”, but to positively ensure best possible visibility and help in detecting and tackling the rising challenges early enough.

"Eficode is an active operator, arranging a monthly Agile Coaching Circle and SAFe meetups with cooperation of Agile Finland ry."

Inspired by actual results

"I’ve been involved in many transformations, big and small, and all have made me feel honoured to be an Agile coach. My humble beginnings placed me in a position within a large organisation that had little experience with Agile development. Sure, certain parts of the organisation were using components of Scrum or Kanban but the organisation as a whole had not adopted Agile as their way of working. I was made into the Scrum Master for a new multi disciplinary team and had to figure out how to make Scrum effective within that organisation."

"I was lucky because I found many willing colleagues on my path. Still I made many mistakes that new-born believers make, such as valuing my facts over theirs and trying to force reorganisation instead of finding a way to work with the organisation that already existed. I’ve learned that the proof is in the pudding, that facts don’t prove anything but actual results are inspiring. So, proposing to just try things and experiment is more likely to yield results than just proposing a permanent change."

"Later in other assignments, I actually got to be an official Agile Coach which put me into a different position all together. I found that next to getting people to experiment more, is the key is to make those you coach realise that you actually care about them and their results and that you are not here to tell them how to do their job, but to help them excel in it. I felt I had accomplished this when my findings and advice were appreciated by both the teams and management."

- Alexander Elhorst, Scrum Master & Agile Coach at Eficode

Let's start developing your organization into a working agile culture:


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